By Anthony Nathanael

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Qobo Ltd is a Software House that specialises in business process management and bespoke software development that caters exactly to a client’s needs. Our product portfolio includes the following specialised solutions:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
  • Intranet & Portal Solutions
  • Online Presence Solutions, including advanced Web Design and Development and E-Commerce Solutions

We are the proud developers of the award-winning Qobrix platform for CRM Systems and Intranets. (more…)

By Anthony Nathanael

We’re excited to announce the opening of our office in London! Having already embarked on a number of projects in the UK, we felt a natural next step would be to setup office there. Located in Mayfair and just a two minute walk from Green Park station, we are now able to serve the greater London area directly and the rest of the UK as well.

With a lot of momentum building on our new Qobrix platform, and with CRM and Intranet references in the UK now, we are hoping to make Qobrix an established brand name in the financial services and real-estate sector.

So if you’re ever in London and want to talk software, stop by for a coffee as we’d love to chat!

By Anthony Nathanael

We have recently gone live with the e-Commerce upgrade of the Electroline website. The website now offers the ability to purchase online and despite the fact that the online shop version only went live in May, the amount of purchases that have been made online is unprecedented. With a choice of over 12,000 products, the ability to have a product delivered to your doorstep free within 24 hours has proven to be highly attractive.

The challenge from Qobo’s perspective was to be able to integrate with the ERP system in real-time and provide a friendly and straightforward checkout process, while maintaining all functionality including loyalty management, product filtering, customer registration, and order fulfilment.

Visit the Electroline website powered by Qobo to view the plethora of products available to purchase at the click of a button:

By Anthony Nathanael

The new Eurobank website has gone live and it’s a great to see it in use after the major effort that we put into this project. The site has a number of tools including a currency converter, IBAN calculator, mortgage calculator and currency rates. We spent a lot of time selecting the best images to convey the Cypriot and international character of the bank. We also had stringent security requirements to adhere to given the industry. With different designs for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, we feel the site epitomises the differentiating character of the bank.