Intranet & Portals

At Qobo, we design and implement advanced intranets and specialised portals for our clients that provide a broad array of services. These include generic portals with a collaborative suite of content, blogs, wiki, mail, and calendar portlets as well as vertical portals for a specific market, industry, or subject area.

We provide powerful, integrated, and content-driven web experiences and our portal offerings vary from:
– Client portals where your customer can login and view all information related to them including document, images, statements, communication, and an area for them to upload information
– Agent portals where agents of a company can access various assets 24/7 from the company’s knowledge database
– White label systems that allow partners and agents to have ready-made websites for them branded under their name all under a central database management system
QobrixHUB is a robust intranet system with flexible content management, galleries, calendars, and permissions all delivered with minimum effort. Qobrix HUB promotes collaboration with forums, commenting, embedded social media and of course, news, articles and announcements.